About Us

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Magalia Pines Baptist Church was established in June 1997 as a mission of the Paradise Ridge Baptist Church and is now a fully independent church cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention for the purpose of world outreach.

Magalia Pines Baptist Church has moved from meeting in a living room, to purchasing its first property, to going through a devastating fire. One would think that would be the end. But God had a bigger and better plan than ours.

Because we have outgrown our current facility, an education building we built in 2001, we began construction in 2009 on a 12,000 square-foot building to house our worship center, Bible study and conference rooms, industrial-size kitchen, library, reception and office area, and nursery.  To monitor visually the progress on the new building, click here.

We invite you to come and experience the fellowship at this wonderful church God is working through.

Sunday Worship is at 10:30 am. Sunday School for all ages is at 9:30 am.

“It’s all about Jesus!”

This has been a saying around here for a long time. We don’t know who started it but it just sort of stuck. Our goal in everything that we do is to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Be that while we work in our community, mow the lawn of the Church, drive a van full of kids, study God’s word, or sing songs during a service. It is our hope that everything we do reflects the love and mercy God has shown to us. Come and join the journey that God is taking us on.

For more information on what this church has to offer, poke around, listen to a sermon, or take a look at some photos. We feel we have something to offer everyone. We have prepared this site to answer some initial questions you may have about the Church but hope you won’t leave it at that. We hope you’ll come for a service, a Bible study, a meal, or just drop by and get to know us.

Magalia Pines Baptist Church belongs first to the Lord Jesus Christ and is a member of the California Southern Baptist Convention.

Come join us!