A Father Worth Loving

It has been many years, decades even, since women, young adults, and even men, celebrated universally Father’s Day as a day of thankfulness.  I have heard comments such as, “If God is like a father I want nothing to do with Him,” or “It just hurts me too much to go to church on Father’s Day and hear all the stories about wonderful fathers.  I never had one.” Fatherlessness has been an epidemic in America for a long while. 

  • God wants to be YOUR Father.  
  • His grace and forgiveness abounds for YOU.  
  • He does not take into account a wrong you have seen or in which you have participated. 
  • He is grateful when you come to Him for wisdom and understanding.  
  • He will not disrespect you.  He made you.  
  • God is flexible with His children; He made us each one unique.  Unlike some religions, He doesn’t expect you to be like everyone else.  
  • He has a plan, should you choose to accept it, to show His goodness through your life.
  • Whoever comes to Him in truth, He Will Not turn away. 

Today would be a good day to take a look at a Father you could love.  He loves you.

Check out the message on Youtube from June 21, 2020.